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Age Appropriate Toys for Babies

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Finding age appropriate toys for your child involves understanding your son or daughter’s stage of development and being aware of the risks associated with certain toys. For example, when choosing age appropriate toys, you will need to stay away from anything that a baby could potentially choke on. On the other hand, as your child gets older, age appropriate toys should be those that encourage creativity and help your child expand his mind.

Age Appropriate Toys for Children Under Three Months

Babies under three months of age cannot sit up or hold toys. As a result, the best age appropriate toys are those that allow your baby to just look or listen. Tape recordings of lullabies and mobiles are best for very young infants, and slow moving objects that create sounds are sure to delight.

Age Appropriate Toys for Children Three Months to One Year

Between the ages of three and nine months, your child will begin to develop a number of new skills. Motor skills are beginning to improve, and during this time your baby will learn to sit up, and perhaps even crawl or walk. He will also learn how to hold toys and how to explore the world.

Activity centers and bars can provide children at the younger end of this age group with something fun to look at, tug on, hold and play with. Just make sure there is nothing your baby could pull off and choke on. As your child gets older, he may begin to develop an interest in having a stuffed animal of his very own to hug and hold. His attachment to this toy will likely deepen as he nears the one year mark.

Children who are on the move or the first time also like items that move around a lot. Balls, and toy cars or trucks may be of special interest to your baby. Your baby may also begin learning how to stack blocks, although he will probably prefer to knock them down to create noise.

Mobile babies are also great at finding their own toys. If you don’t want you don’t consider your pot and pan lids or mixing bowls to be an age appropriate toy, make sure you put them out of your babies reach. Otherwise, your baby may have hours of fun with these household finds.

Age Appropriate Toys for Children One to Two Years of Age

Your baby should now be walking and becoming more interested in exploring the area around her. Large blocks may become a favorite item, and your baby may enjoy expressing her creative side by scribbling pictures or reading picture books- with a parent’s help of course. Movable items may still be popular, but ride-on vehicles may take the place of plastic trucks or cars to push around.

Shopping for Toys

The key to shopping for age appropriate toys is to cater to your child’s individual interests will still keeping an eye toward safety. As your children get older, they may begin reaching for items that strike their fancy. Pay attention to the things they are most interested in and choose toys that cultivate their growing passions. Age appropriate toys are those that provide your child with safe fun, so make sure you supervise properly to ensure all toys are safe for baby.

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