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After Fire Cleanup

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Smoke and fire can cause a lot of damage to your house, and it’s important to be careful in how you approach after fire cleanup. During and after a fire, smoke and soot travel throughout your home and find their way into your carpet, upholstery, clothes and the paint on your walls. With each of these things, you should go about after fire cleanup in a different way. You may want to contact professionals who specialize in after fire cleanup.

First, limit your movement around your home to prevent soot from spreading and becoming embedded in furniture and carpet. If you must walk around your house, spread clean towels or rags on top of rugs and upholstery.

Before rugs and carpets can be cleaned, they have to be allowed to dry completely. You can clean throw rugs by beating or vacuuming out the soot and dirt, then shampooing them. The best way to handle cleaning of carpets is to contact professionals who specialize in cleaning carpets after a fire.

If water has made its way under linoleum flooring, remove the whole sheet. This will prevent odors in the floor and warping of wood flooring underneath. If a sheet of linoleum has been removed carefully, it can be re-installed later.

If there is soot on your walls, do not use water to clean them, since water can lead to permanent staining. Instead, use a dry chemical sponge to clean your walls and ceiling after a fire. Afterward, it is best to repaint the walls and ceiling.

Cleaning dishes and silverware after a fire does not require much extra effort. Just wash them in soapy water and polish them with a fine-powdered cleaner.

Depending on how much the fire has affected your clothing, you may be able to wash out the soot and smoke odor yourself. If clothing can be bleached, you can try a mixture of one cup of bleach, one gallon of warm water and between four and six tablespoons of tri-sodium phosphate. This mixture is caustic, so use rubber gloves when you are cleaning your clothes with it.

If you would rather take your soot- and smoke-damaged clothes to a dry cleaner, make sure that the dry cleaner uses special cleaning agents for after fire cleanup.

If you are unsure of how to take care of your home and belongings after a fire, contact a company that specializes in after fire cleanup. These professionals can often restore your home to the state it was in before the fire.

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