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The Best Times to Shop After Black Friday

December Holidays

If Black Friday has passed you by, and you still have plenty of Christmas shopping left, don’t worry – there are a few times where you can still save big if you shop after Black Friday. In fact, in some cases you may even save more, and find deeper discounts, if you wait until Black Friday has passed before you shop – just keep these times in mind to find the best deals.

Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday is a growing giant of a shopping day that may eventually eclipse Black Friday. For now though, Cyber Monday is still a wonderful time to score big after Black Friday shopping deals. Even better, when you opt for Cyber Monday holiday shopping you won’t even have to leave your home; no standing in long lines, battling it out in crowds or sacrificing your Thanksgiving evening to be the first one at the door.

The First Two Weeks of December

Here is a little known secret about the best time to shop after Black Friday: during the first two weeks of December shoppers can find huge discounts, after that time prices will slowly rise again. The first two weeks of December is when retailers make huge cuts on inventory – even bigger than those they offered during Black Friday – to get rid of extra inventory and to increase their yearly profit margins. But you have to catch these deals the first two weeks of December – because after that time, retailers start to increase prices on popular holiday gift items to take advantage of desperate late shoppers.

Right Before Christmas?

The question mark here is because sometimes you can find huge deals a few days, or the evening before, Christmas Day and sometimes you might end up paying more. It all depends on your location, what you are buying and if you are lucky enough to find the good deals being offered in your area. It’s a risk though, because you might end up paying extra instead. If you do find yourself shopping right before Christmas Day, do your research to find the lowest prices on the items you need.

After Christmas

After Christmas is one of the best times to shop after Black Friday, for specific items though. A few days after Christmas is the time to take advantage of huge marked down prices on items like Christmas cards, wrapping paper, gift baskets, candles, and Christmas decorations – even winter clothes and popular gift items like electronic accessories and household items. If you hit the stores right after Christmas, you can stock up for next year and rake in huge savings at the same time.

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