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Above Ground Swimming Pools

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Above ground swimming pools provide a cool escape in long summer months. Many choose this swimming pool option because itís more affordable than installing an in-ground pool (sometimes costing 50% less). Before choosing this option, itís helpful to have a few tips. Hereís a quick guide to above ground swimming pools.

Assembling an Above Ground Swimming Pool
Most people choose above ground pools because of their lower cost and easy assembly. Most of these pools come in kits that are prefabricated. First, youíll need to choose a place to install the pool. The area must be completely level (or you must level it yourself).

Once you have a flat surface, you can assemble the perimeter track, which is designed to support the outer wall of the pool. Typically, this track is made from metal or plastic. Once the track is assembled, youíll spread sand in the area and put together the plumbing fixtures.

Once the plumbing is installed, you can assemble the plastic lining to the pool and hook up the pump and filtration center. Fill your above ground swimming pool with water and the appropriate chemicals, and youíre ready to swim.

Above Ground Swimming Pool Cost
Installing an in-ground pool can cost $10,000 to over $100,000; above ground pools cost much less. Pricing of above ground swimming pools depends on a variety of factors, including size and style. You can expect to spend $2,000 to $5,000.

Also, consider purchasing other items such as an above ground pool deck. This wraps around the pool and provides an easy way to access the pool.

Maintaining an above ground pool isnít much different than maintaining an in-ground pool. Youíll need to test your water weekly and keep chemicals in balance by adding pH or alkalinity increaser or decreaser. Itís also important to shock the pool weekly to kill bacteria and pool algae growth.

Many families assume that because a pool is above ground children are less likely to access it; however these pools can still be a hazard. Safeguard your children by removing all ladders after each pool use and installing an additional fence around the pool. Some fences even attach to the top of the pool, adding an additional two feet in height. Youíll also want to consider purchasing a pool safety cover which is designed to hold the weight of a child or pet should they manage to get access to the pool.

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