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What are 4G Phones?

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Also known as a “fourth-generation” cell phone, 4G is the latest in cellular telephone technology as of 2010. It is a complete replacement for the 3G cellular technology. Many wireless companies are quickly selling the 4G technology touting products as the best in the history of cellular telephones. 4G technology promises to move faster than its predecessors when it comes to data sending and receiving. Additionally, it promises a superb voice quality that is currently second to none. It is these qualities that may make 4g phones a complete replacement of 3G wireless telephones and standardized networks.

What are 4G Phones

As of 2010, the primary network in place is the 3g network. While there aren't a lot of major problems with the 3G wireless technology, 4G promises faster speeds of data transmission. In fact, the frequency band of 4G technology ranges between 2-8GHz and, while it has the same bandwidth as the 3G technology (5-20MHz), the data rate is considerably faster at 100 Mbps as opposed to the 2Mbps that the 3G technology that the current cellular telephones have. It is the higher data rates that set 4G technology apart and make it such a hot commodity

4G is not just for 4g phones, however. The 4g network is a mobile technology that can be used for internet access in addition to cellular telephones. In fact, as technology evolves, eventually 4G technology will become the standard for broadband connections for homes. 4G does not require cable and you also do not need to identify a wireless hot spot in order to access the Internet.

There are a plethora of popular companies that are cashing in on the 4G technology in 2010, but in reality, 4G as a possible technology has been in the works since the early 2000s. As of March 2009 there were two 4G test markets where the technology was up for retail sale: Portland, Oregon and Baltimore, Maryland. The 4g network offered in these test markets was called WiMAX.

If you are interested in finding out where other 4G networks and technology is currently being made available you should contact your mobile carrier or take a look on the Internet for additional information. 4g phones may make your cellular telephone experience faster and better, but more importantly, this technology may also be available in your homes and businesses and allow faster, always-on internet service and blazing fast downloads.

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