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3G Mobile Service

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3G Mobile History

The 3G mobile format follows after the initial 1G and 2G formats. 1G is voice analog system and was first developed in the 1970s. 2G is digital format first developed in that late 1980s, and it improved overall capacity and lowered costs.

3G mobile technology is the 3rd generation wireless format. It was first released in Japan in 2001, and then its usage expanded throughout the world. 3G because popular due to its ability to transmit packet data more effectively than the older 2G format. However, sometimes a 3G mobile network is not found outside major metro areas. So phones may switch to 2G until the 3G network is found.

Advantages for Using 3G

The majority of wireless phones in North America are 3G phones. Many mobile phones in the North America use 3G technology because it is an effective high speed data and voice format.

Many customers with 3G enabled phones can download useful applications for their phones at faster megabyte speeds. 3G technology also allows users to view videos, watch live TV, and display digital camera pictures. 3G mobile users can also surf wireless internet, and access email faster and easier.

Many users with 3G mobile phones also can enable global roaming, which allows customers to use their phones anywhere in the world. Consumers should always find out the roaming rate before traveling, since these roaming rates can be notoriously expensive. Also, some countries or regions may be excluded. It may be worthwhile to sign up for an international calling plan if traveling extensively.


This easier accessibility to the Internet and other software applications has resulted in high usage in 3G mobile networks, and sometimes 3G networks to become overloaded and slower than usual. Depending on the wireless provider and the area of the country, download speeds can vary widely. Most wireless providers provide a range of acceptable speeds in a given area.

Many wireless phone providers allow users to have unlimited data plans. However, many wireless providers want to limit data plans by usage and charge users by the amount of bandwidth used. Consumers should look at mobile data plans carefully and pick one most closely matches their usual usage.

Right now, 4G, or 4th generation, mobile phones are being sold. However it will take time for this network to expand and gain more popularity.

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