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Display Ads

With a Yellow Pages Display Ad in our SuperPages directories, you can stand out from your competition. Communicate with your existing and potential customers 24/7. Explore your options below:

 Ad sizes up to a full page.
 Advantageous placement depending on ad size & purchase date.
 Color gets instant attention for your ad. See how in the
 Color Ad Gallery.
 Larger ads attract more attention. The Ad Size Gallery shows you
 What you say in your ad is key. For a few pointers on content, visit
 our Ad Copy Gallery, and also see The Perfect Ad

Here's What They're Saying!
Learn how some of our customers use Display Ads as a solution to their advertising goals.
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For more information about Display Ads, choose one of the following options:

 Contact your Verizon sales rep
 Call us at 1-800-789-5756
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