Game Draw Date Results Next Drawing Date
Powerball08/16/201407-08-17-48-59, Powerball: 09, Power Play: 208/20/2014
MEGA Millions08/19/201422-39-56-67-71, Mega Ball: 1508/22/2014
Pick 6 Lotto08/18/201402-04-12-22-32-4508/21/2014
Cash 508/19/201409-16-29-31-4008/20/2014
Cash4Life08/18/201406-10-29-44-57, Cash Ball: 0208/21/2014
Pick 4 Midday08/20/20146-8-1-708/21/2014
Pick 3 Midday08/20/20145-9-108/21/2014
Pick 4 Evening08/19/20142-7-6-008/20/2014
Pick 3 Evening08/19/20142-5-108/20/2014

If you live in New Jersey, you may wish for a bit of New Jersey lottery information. You may also be interested in the general background of lotteries, which date back to 1490. Early lotteries were used to fund the colonial army in times of war. Since then, lotteries have also been used towards building the educational institutions Princeton, Harvard, and Yale as well as towards building the roof on the Capitol building. Today, the New Jersey lottery, like these early lotteries, provides public funding for many important programs, as well as a chance to be a big winner.

New Jersey Lottery History

The vote to approve the New Jersey Lottery was one of the largest in the history of the state. An overwhelming 81.5% of the state population approved the development of a state lottery during the general election period that took place in November of 1969.

Following the vote, in April of 1970, the first lottery Executive Director- Ralph Batch- was appointed. On December of that same year, the first lottery tickets went on sale to the public and were available at more than 2,000 locations across the state.

The New Jersey Lottery took off from there, adding instant win games and lotto-type games to their arsenal over the years. In addition to the state’s own Pick 3, Pick 4, Pick 5, and million dollar jackpot games, they are also a member of the national lottery and offer the lotto games of Powerball and Mega Millions to their players. New Jersey Lottery was also the first state lottery system to offer a completely online lottery game. The name of this game was called Pick It.

Over the forty years it has been in operation, the New Jersey Lottery has also earned a place as the most cost efficient lottery in the United States, with the fourth highest revenue.

New Jersey Lottery Proceeds

Proceeds from the New Jersey Lottery go towards maintaining the operations of the lottery, and of course are also used for winner payouts. The New Jersey Lottery proceeds are also shared with the retailers who sell tickets for the lottery annually. Approximately five percent of proceeds go to support these small businesses and chain stores throughout the state.

New Jersey Lottery proceeds are also used to fund state programs, such as educational opportunity programs, the Department of Human Services, the Department of Military and Veterans Affairs, the School Nutrition Program, and the Marie Katzenback School for the Deaf. These are just a few of the programs aided by the proceeds contributed by the New Jersey Lottery. In 2009 alone, the New Jersey Lottery generated approximately $2.5 billion and allocated in excess of $887.2 million to fund these and other state programs.

Although every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of the winning number information on this web page, mistakes can occur. In the event of any discrepancies, New Jersey State laws and New Jersey Lottery regulations will prevail. Lottery data is provided for entertainment and informational purposes only. SuperMedia does not condone or encourage the practice of gambling by providing this information. If you or someone you love have a gambling problem, learn more through Gamblers Anonymous.

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Big Lottery Winners

New Jersey has many big winners. For example, on March 13, 2010 Sandra McNeil of Morristown, New Jersey was the sole winner of a Powerball jackpot to the tune of $211.7 million. She was the first resident of New Jersey to win a Powerball jackpot. Her win was also notable because it made New Jersey the first state to ever sell both a winning Powerball ticket and a winning Mega Millions ticket.

Winning Lottery Numbers

New Jersey has lots of opportunities to win, and you might be the next lucky player. To find out if your ticket is a winner, you can find the New Jersey lottery winning numbers at You can also find more New Jersey lottery information at the official New Jersey Lottery Website.

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