Game Draw Date Results Next Drawing Date
Powerball08/27/201417-24-26-45-46, Powerball: 19, Power Play: 308/30/2014
MEGA Millions08/26/201429-31-51-60-64, Mega Ball: 0108/29/2014
Hot Lotto08/27/201409-24-28-39-41, Hot Ball: 0208/30/2014
Gopher 508/27/201401-16-31-34-3508/29/2014
Northstar Cash08/27/201404-10-15-16-1908/28/2014
Daily 308/27/20144-5-208/28/2014
All or Nothing Midday08/27/201401-03-07-08-11-13-15-16-18-20-21-2308/28/2014
All or Nothing Evening08/27/201401-03-04-05-08-14-15-16-20-22-23-2408/28/2014

The Minnesota lottery, like most lotteries, came into being because people voted it in. The Minnesota lottery provides a number of different and fun games to play, and it also provides important funding for the state. These facts, and a bit more Minnesota lottery information, can help make your next ticket purchase just a little bit more interesting.

Minnesota Lottery History

The Minnesota Lottery did not begin until 1988. In November of 1988, 57% of the voters approved the constitutional amendment that allowed for the formation of a state lottery. In 1989, during the legislative session, legislation was passed to start the lottery and split the proceeds from the program into two separate funds that would help the state to better itself. Then, in June of 1989, the Governor of Minnesota finally signed the document to establish the Minnesota Lottery. In 1990, the way in which the proceeds were going to be divided changed when a third fund was added onto the list.

In March of 1990, the first contract was signed into agreement with a vendor to sell lottery tickets to customers. From that point on, the Minnesota Lottery grew into the system that it is today, with multiple scratch-off games and numbers games. Minnesota offers lottery players quite a variety, including the Mega Millions which was just launched in 2010. The only game missing is the PowerBall, as Minnesota is not one of the states that is part of the national lottery that offers this exciting game..

Minnesota Lottery Proceeds

Proceeds from the Minnesota Lottery go to three different organizations that will help the state. The breakdown of how proceeds were distributed for 2009 shows how the funds are divided, although things may change from year to year:

  • 61.2%, or $295.14 million was reserved for prizes paid to players. The Minnesota lottery is required by law to keep this money in order to be able to pay the players their winnings.
  • 13.4%, or $64.72 million was contributed to the General Fund. The General Fund is money that can be used on any occasion that legislature of the state sees fit.
  • 2.3%, or $11.33 million, was given to the Game & Fish Fund.
  • Another 2.3%, or $11.33 million was given to the Natural Resources Fund.
  • 6.4%, or $30.81 million was given to Environment & National Resource Trust Fund.
  • 5.1%, or $24.61, went to Administration.
  • 3.2%, or $15.33 million went to Ticket & Lotto Game Vendor Expense.
  • 6.0%, or $28.93, was given to the Retail Commission.

Although every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of the winning number information on this web page, mistakes can occur. In the event of any discrepancies, Minnesota State laws and Minnesota Lottery regulations will prevail. Lottery data is provided for entertainment and informational purposes only. SuperMedia does not condone or encourage the practice of gambling by providing this information. If you or someone you love have a gambling problem, learn more through Gamblers Anonymous.

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Big Lottery Winners

Every state has its stories about the lottery winner that won it all, the biggest jackpot ever, or stories that are heartwarming and touching. One of the happier stories in the Minnesota lottery is about the first couple to win $1 million in the Mega Million lotto. This game had just begun in the state of Minnesota, in January of 2010. The first winners of this million dollar jackpot were Lee Grimmer and Henry Lasser of Elk River. Grimmer was the one to discover they had been the first to win the million in the state of Minnesota by visiting the official state lottery Website for Minnesota. The couple did not specify how they would spend their money, but they will be remembered in the state of Minnesota as the first people to win the lotto game.

Winning Lottery Numbers

Want to see if you'll be remember as the next big winner of the Minnesota lottery? You can find the Minnesota winning lottery numbers at or find more Minnesota lottery information at the official Minnesota state lottery website.

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