Game Draw Date Results Next Drawing Date
MEGA Millions08/29/201403-26-45-58-73, Mega Ball: 1209/02/2014
Powerball08/30/201405-28-31-52-59, Powerball: 27, Power Play: 209/03/2014
Lotto08/30/201407-08-18-23-32-47, Extra Shot: 1809/01/2014
LuckyDay Lotto Midday09/01/201404-18-31-37-4009/02/2014
Pick 4 Midday09/01/20147-7-8-709/02/2014
Midday 4 Fireball09/01/2014509/02/2014
Pick 3 Midday09/01/20140-8-409/02/2014
Midday 3 Fireball09/01/2014309/02/2014
My 3 Midday09/01/20140-0-909/02/2014
LuckyDay Lotto Evening08/31/201409-11-15-16-4509/01/2014
Pick 4 Evening08/31/20147-0-5-009/01/2014
Evening 4 Fireball08/31/2014209/01/2014
Pick 3 Evening08/31/20143-4-809/01/2014
Evening 3 Fireball08/31/2014009/01/2014
My 3 Evening09/01/20140-5-909/02/2014
Hit or Miss Morning09/01/201402-06-10-11-13-15-16-17-19-20-21-23, GLN : 0109/02/2014
Hit or Miss Midday09/01/201402-03-04-07-08-13-14-15-17-21-23-24, GLN : 0509/02/2014
Hit or Miss Drive09/01/201403-05-06-07-09-10-11-17-18-19-20-21, GLN : 0509/02/2014
Hit or Miss Evening08/31/201401-02-05-06-12-13-14-15-18-20-22-24, GLN : 0309/01/2014

The history behind the Illinois lottery is deep rooted in the past thirty-six years. Whether you are a casual lottery player or an avid fan who tries his luck every day, understanding a bit of the details and getting some Illinois lottery information can help you appreciate the game even more.

Illinois Lottery History

The Illinois State Lottery came to be on July 1, 1974. At that time, a man by the name of Ralph Batch was deemed the superintendent of the games. It was not until a full thirty days later that the first batch of lottery tickets went on sale. By August 8, 1974 the first drawing was held for the weekly games at the Illinois State Fair in Springfield. By October 3rd of that same year, the first million dollar winner of the Illinois State Lottery had been named.

There are a few changes that have taken place throughout the years at the Illinois State Lottery. For example, the first major change came about in February 1983 when the 40 number Lotto game was introduced. By March 20th of that same year, the frequency of the Daily Pick 3 was increased and winning numbers were scheduled to be drawn seven days each week.

1984 ushered in additional changes. In February a lotto game called “Quick Pick” was born. By September of that same year, the first ever $40 million dollar winner in the history of North American lottery games took home the grand prize in the state of Illinois.

The Illinois State Lottery use to be governed by the Department of Revenue until 1986 when the Department of Lottery was formed and assumed control over the state’s lottery system. Each year, the Illinois State Lottery system is proactive in instituting new games.

Illinois Lottery Proceeds

Initially, the proceeds and profits from the Illinois lottery were going into the General School Fund of Illinois. However, a few years into the business of lottery gaming, the Department of Revues decided that the profits from the lottery should go into the Common School Fund. Profits have been going in there ever since.

Although every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of the winning number information on this web page, mistakes can occur. In the event of any discrepancies, Illinois State laws and Illinois Lottery regulations will prevail. Lottery data is provided for entertainment and informational purposes only. SuperMedia does not condone or encourage the practice of gambling by providing this information. If you or someone you love have a gambling problem, learn more through Gamblers Anonymous.

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Big Lottery Winners

In April 1989, the highest ever jackpot in Illinois lottery history occurred. An estimated $69.9 million was split between four winners, setting a brand new record when it came to the history of North American lottery systems. The Illinois State Lottery also got a lot of publicity when a man bought a “Double 21” winning ticket to surprise his girlfriend with a marriage proposal. This snagged the attention of NBC’s “The Today Show” back in August 1999.

Winning Lottery Numbers

If you hope to be the next big winner of the Illinois lottery, you can check the winning numbers at If you just want more Illinois lottery information, you can visit the official Illinois State Lottery website.

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