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Pick 308/29/20146-0-508/30/2014

The Colorado lottery has a number of opportunities to win big and to enjoy the thrill of playing for cash prizes. The lottery has existed since the time of the Pharaohs in Egypt. Funds generated by lotteries were used during the Revolutionary War to supply troops on the front line with weapons and other supplies. The funds from lotteries were also used to help repair roads, canals, and bridges within the state. Lottery funds were also used to generate funds to build Yale University, Harvard University, and Princeton University. Lotteries have come a long way since this point in time and now more than half the states in the United States have their own state lottery. Colorado is one of those states, and its lotto has an interesting history all of its own.

Colorado Lottery History

The Colorado Lottery began in 1982. On July 1, 1982 the General Assembly passed S.B. 119 initiating the state lottery. The first lottery ticket in the state of Colorado was sold in January of the following year. Originally sales projections were estimated to be $37 million, however, by the 30th of June, sales had tripled this original projections.

The first proceeds from the state lottery to the state of Colorado were given on September 1st. The first Grand Prize drawing was held on April 23rd. Since the beginning of the lottery, more and more games have been added over time. On February 23, 1991 the one billionth lottery ticket was sold making Colorado one of the most successful state lotteries.

In the short years since the lottery has been in operation, they have added lotto-type games to their list of available game for players.

Colorado Lottery Proceeds

Since its beginnings, the proceeds from the Colorado Lottery have been designated to certain state funds. After keeping some of the proceeds to maintain operations and pay prize payouts, the remaining proceeds are given to three different funds to help the citizens of the state.

  • Forty percent of proceeds are given to the Conservation Trust Fund. This fund is used to support parks, recreation, and other open space projects.
  • Another ten percent of proceeds go to state parks and outdoor recreation programs.
  • The remaining proceeds are then given to the state capital to help with the funding of capital projects. T
  • he proceeds from the Colorado Lottery have also been used to help the building of the Colorado Convention Center and to help fund the State Fair.

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Big Lottery Winners

One famous lottery winner from the state of Colorado was Tom Meade. Meade purchased his winning ticket from a local 7-Eleven and then went to the lottery office to claim his prize. His total prize winnings were $11 million. Meade took the cash out option and walked away with almost $7 million. Lottery officials asked what Meade would do with the money and he replied he just planned to spend it. He was not specific on exactly what he planned to spend the money.

Winning Lottery Numbers

For more Colorado lottery information, you can find the winning numbers at or visit the official Colorado Lottery Website.

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