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Kids Attractions
Japanese House and Garden

Pine Breeze Villa. A reproduction of a 16th to 17th century Japanese house befitting a government official or other high ranking member of Japanese society. Located in the Horticultural Center as part of Fairmont Park.


Franklin Institute Science Museum

Franklin Institute Science Museum, is a large museum that emphasizes hands on exhibits. Includes a Science Center and a Planetarium. Widely known as the site of the Benjamin Franklin National Museum.


Philadelphia Museum of Art

The Philadelphia Museum of Art boasts as the 3rd largest art museum in the nation. Houses all types of media from all periods. Over 300,000 items of American, European, and more exotic arts.


City Hall

Largest and most elaborate city hall in the country. The tower is over 548 feet tall. A large statue of William Penn sits atop the tower of this Philadelphia landmark.


Philadelphia Zoo

A world-class zoo that makes up a large part of Fairmont Park. Over 1500 animals on 42 acres of land. Houses the first white lions exhibited in America.


Rodin Museum

Largest collection of works and reproductions by Rodin outside of Paris. Includes such famous sculptures as "The Thinker," as well as other media used by the artist.


Betsy Ross House

Residence of the woman who sewed the first American flag. A beautiful two story colonial house that remains as it was at the time of Betsy Ross' residence.


US Mint

World largest mint where much of circulating US coinage is made. Visitors can view the entire process from glass enclosed galleries.


Penn's Landing

A scenic strip of restaurants, attractions, and entertainment. Featuring historic ships from colonial times.


Fairmont Park

Most extensive landscaped metropolitan park in the world. Over 8,900 acres of scenic trails, woods, fields, and recreation areas.


Victorian Mansions

Philadelphia is home to numerous historic mansions from the middle and late 19th century. These houses have been preserved and decorated in original furnishings from the times.


Valley Forge National Historic Park

Commemorates the long winter spent here by George Washington's troops in the darker days of the Revolutionary War. Information on the campaign and conditions of the soldiers is available.


Independence National Historic Park

Home of numerous attractions related to America's birth as a nation. Scheduled for massive landscaping and preservation improvements. Includes:


Liberty Bell Pavilion

Home of the original liberty bell that rang to signal American independence and that has since become a symbol of freedom throughout the world.


Independence Hall

Site of the meetings of the Continental Congress where the Declaration of Independence was agreed to and signed. Rooms remain furnished as they were in 1776.


Congress Hall

Meeting place of the US Congress from 1790 to 1800. Rooms where the Senate and House of Representatives met are furnished accordingly. Information about the early years of the republic abounds.

Philadelphia Postcards