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El Pueblo De Los Angeles Historic Monument
125 Paseo De La Plaza, Ste 400
Los Angeles CA 90012
Home of world-famous Olvera Street and site of Los Angeles' birthplace, this colorful Mexican marketplace, which opened in 1930, features 27 historic buildings surrounding the old Plaza.

California Museum of Science and Industry
700 State Dr
Los Angeles CA 90037
Contemporary science and technology museum features exhibits on aerospace, science, earthquakes, mathematics, energy, health and economics. IMAX Theater.

With letters 50 ft tall, Hollywood's trademark sign can be spotted from miles away and is recognized around the world. The sign, which originally spelled out "Hollywoodland," was erected in the Hollywood Hills in 1923 to promote a real-estate development.

California Science Center
700 State Dr., Exposition Park
Exhibits focus around the science that we encounter in our to everyday life. Tess, the animatronic star of "BodyWorks," demonstrates how the body's organs work together to maintain balance. The Imax Theater, with 3-D capabilities and a seven-story movie screen, shows science-related films.

Capitol Records Tower
1750 N. Vine St
On its south wall, L.A. artist Richard Wyatt's mural Hollywood Jazz, 1945-1972, immortalizes musical greats Duke Ellington, Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald, and Miles Davis. The blinking light at the top of the tower spells out "Hollywood" in Morse code.

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