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Your IP address has been identified as the source of data mining activity. Data mining is carried out by a person or other entity using automated programs to systematically extract business information from our database in violation of Verizon's proprietary rights. See the terms and conditions of use that govern access to at
The Web Site Use Agreement posted on constitutes a legal and binding contract between Verizon Directories Corp. and each user of the web site. In other words, by accessing the web site, you contractually agreed to comply with the terms and conditions of the Web Site Use Agreement, which contains the following terms:

        Data Mining Prohibited

You may not use bots or similar methods or tools to "data mine" or otherwise gather or extract data from this Site without explicit and authorized approval from Verizon.

Your data mining activity was a breach of your contractual obligations to Verizon and continued data mining of the site may result in legal action against you.

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