About SuperMedia

SuperMediaConsumers and small businesses across the country will be stimulating the economy while saving valuable time and effort, according to SuperMedia LLC (OTC:IDAR). SuperMedia not only guarantees it; they "SuperGuarantee" it.

SuperMedia's SuperGuaranteeSM program is a national consumer guarantee initiative designed to increase spending in local economies by dramatically lowering the risk associated with hiring contractors, plumbers, auto body repair shops and thousands of other eligible service provider category based businesses.

The SuperTradeExchange program, available for SuperMedia clients, works like a barter system, but instead of trading one-to-one, network members can trade their excess inventory or capacity for SuperBucksSM which can then be used to purchase products and services from any other member in SuperTradeExchange.

SuperMedia's War on the Recession Provides 'Super' Benefits for Consumers and Clients Whether it is dry cleaners in Seattle, dog grooming in Austin or wedding consultants in Philadelphia, consumers can trust the service they are paying for will get done right, or SuperMedia will make it right. SuperMedia will work with the consumer and the client to resolve any issues that may arise from a service or reimburse the consumer up to $500 of labor services.

SuperGuarantee companies, indicated by the SuperGuaranteeSM shield, are found exclusively in Superpages.com, new editions of the Verizon Yellow Pages directories and SuperpagesDirect direct mail products. Consumers register the service in advance through Superpages.com. Businesses receiving multiple complaints may be removed from the program.

The SuperGuaranteeSM program is free for consumers and eligible businesses. Clients may qualify for the SuperGuaranteeSM program based on heading, category, and ad program. All eligible clients were placed into the program at first launch on Feb. 17. It is a first of its kind consumer guarantee for the Yellow Pages and Internet Yellow Pages industries.

As consumers use the SuperGuaranteeSM program they will be asked to submit user ratings and reviews on Superpages.com about the service they received. This will generate more content on Superpages.com, providing even more relevant information for consumers as they decide where to spend their money, and delivering more traffic to SuperMedia clients.

SuperTradeExchange Creates Commerce between SuperMedia Clients Local businesses across the country will be ærecession-busting' by exchanging goods and services, gaining value from excess capacity or inventory and attracting new customers through SuperMedia's SuperTradeExchangeSM. In March, SuperMedia introduced SuperTradeExchange and by the second quarter of 2009 it will be in major cities including Boston, New York, Los Angeles and Tampa. SuperMedia expects SuperTradeExchange to become the largest national marketplace for cashless business transactions by 2010.

SuperMedia's SuperTradeExchange platform is powered by ITEX Corporation (OTCBB:ITEX), a proven leader in developing and managing a successful cashless business transaction platform. Through this exclusive relationship, participating SuperMedia clients can immediately trade with more than 24,000 businesses that are current network businesses.

How SuperTradeExchange works: Bob, a contractor, does a job for another member that earns him $350 in SuperBucks. Bob then uses his $350 in SuperBucks to purchase products or services through another member of SuperTradeExchange, like a florist, printer, hotel or retailer. This system allows SuperMedia clients to save cash to pay for other things, like rent, utilities or taxes -- things you cannot get through the SuperTradeExchange.